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Lincoln Square Synagogue
New York, NY

Although Levien was not originally awarded this project, during the interview we informed the ownership committee that their program could not be fulfilled with their available budget. Five years later, the entire budget was spent and only steel had been erected. Fortunately for the synagogue, an anonymous donor offered to pay for the building completion. The building committee was replaced and Levien was retained to perform a physical assessment of the work installed, review the plans and write a report on what was needed to complete the project. Upon inspection, we found substandard construction issues including leaking foundation walls and a steel frame not in alignment. With the design team, we looked for value engineering opportunities; with the CM, who was not at fault having replaced the original CM, we rebid most trades. A year was lost in the process, but the client was assured a complete building at a budget they could afford.

Completed in 2013, the 50,000 SF Synagogue has three floors above grade and two floors below. The east facade, with its five-undulating glass "scrolls," is meant to mimic the Torah. The seemingly simple design includes a highly complex process and mullion system technology to create the innovative curtain wall design. The project is the recipient of numerous design awards.

Construction Manager: 
McGowan Builders
2016 IESNYC Lumen Award; 2016 ILDA Radiance Award; 2015 AL Design Award for Interior Lighting; 2014 FRAA Design Award for "Religious Architecture; 2014 ASU Magazine's Silver Citation for Chapels/Worship Centers; 2013 GNYCUC Cultural Project Award

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