New York Botanical Garden: Nolen Greenhouses |

New York Botanical Garden: Nolen Greenhouses
Bronx, NY

The Nolen Greenhouses for the Living Collections are the most sophisticated behind-the-scenes greenhouses in the United States. The two buildings cover an area of 43,000 SF and encompass eight different climate growing zones. The greenhouses provide all display and research plants for the entire institution. The complex is operated by a centralized computer network and features innovative open-roof ventilation, state-of-the-art environmental controls, and efficient irrigation and fertilization systems. A major challenge was setting this acre of building on a landscape fully covered with rare tree specimens above ground and expansive root systems below. It was critical to protect plantings throughout the area while introducing attractive and functional architecture to the site.

Construction Manager: 
Andron Construction
Build New York: 2006 New Project Winner; New York Construction News 2005 Award of Merit: Systems & Technology

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