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School of Visual Arts Dormitory
New York, NY

Levien & Company monitored construction on behalf of SVA for this new out-of-the-ground, 147,000 SF dormitory building housing students from the School of Visual Arts. It includes dorm rooms, common areas and warming kitchens on each residential floor. There is also gallery space, a yoga studio, gym, studio work areas and a roof-top garden with outdoor gathering spaces and BBQs. The building contains approximately 240 units, and incorporated the latest in technology for WiFi to accommodate changing student needs. During the excavation of the lower floors, the construction team met some difficult conditions that at one point had an anticipated project delay of four months (not an option for a residential building scheduled to house students that Fall). Levien brought additional staff members on board and worked with the construction team to prioritize tasks and reorganize schedule deliverables. As a result, the project finished a month ahead of schedule and Levien was kept on by SVA to provide owner's representation for another project.

Summer 2016
Ismael Leyva
General Contractor: 

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