Union Square Park North End Redevelopment |

Union Square Park North End Redevelopment
New York, NY

Levien & Co. was retained by the Union Square Partnership (BID) to manage the completion of renovations to Union Square Park, begun in the mid-1980s.  The North End contains three of the most important elements of the Park, the historic Plaza and Pavilion (Band shell) and Playground. Union Square was named a National Historic Landmark in 1997, memorializing the site of the first Labor Day parade.  The Plaza remains a frequent gathering place for speeches, demonstrations and recreational events.  The historic Plaza is also the home of the renowned Union Square Greenmarket.  The scope of the North End development  included improvements  to the quality and function of the public plaza, a much needed expansion of the playground, rehabilitation of the historic Pavilion as a multi-use structure and the addition of comfort stations to serve the increased population.

Architecture Research Office
Landscape Architect: 
Michael Van Valkenburgh Associates
Construction Manager: 
Hill International
2011 Norman Buchbiner Award for Community Service

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